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Mr. Farrukh H. Sabzwari, Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan was invited as Guest of Honour.

Mr. Tahir Ahmed, Chairman, Pakistan Insurance Institute delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Nadeem  Hussain, Founder and Coach, Planet N Group of Companies was invited as keynote speaker for the conference.

Following  speakers delivered presentations at the conference.

Speaker Topic
Working Session I
Christoph Spichtig, SCOR Evolving in a Dynamic Risk Ecosystem
Olivier Steger, Swiss Re Insurance digitalization
Nikolay Dmitriev, Chubb Enterprise Risk Management -Cyber Insurance - Chubb experience
Working Session II
Kamal Tabaja, Trust Re Redefining Micro-Insurance
Amer Ahmed, Allianz Re Allianz: Experiences of a 128-year-old global Allianz Re insurer in a world of young techies and fast changing risks
George Attard, AON Innovation, Agility, Resilience
Working Session III
Nicholas Van Der Nest, Munich Re Fostering innovation in Microinsurance – the role of Insurtech and Big Data
John Thorpe, Guy Carpenter & Co. InsurTech - the Opportunities and Challenges ahead
Osman Haneef, Milvik Pakistan The BIMA Mobile Way: Using Technology to Disrupt and Scale Health Insurance Services
List of Speakers & Delegates
Conference e brochure
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Mr. Fida Hussain Samoo, Commissioner (Insurance) SECP was invited as guest of honour.
Mr. Hassanali Abdullah, Managing Director, EFU General Insurance Limited addressed the audience.
Mr. Javed Jabbar, Former Federal Minister, Government of Pakistan was invited as keynote speaker for the conference.
Mr. Taher G. Sachak Chairman, Pakistan Insurance Institute delivered the welcome address


Following were invited as speakers for the conference

Speaker Topic
Mr. Giles Ward Regional President, Eurasia & Africa Chubb Cyber and technology risk- how to manage a Chimera?
Mr. Gianni Testa Vice President Claims Expert Middle East Swiss Re Resilience during and after large CAT events
Mr. Brad Weir Head of Aon Benfield Analytics Aon Benfield Asia Opportunities in a changing landscape: climate, demographics and emerging risks
Mr. Iakovos Barmpadimos CAT Analyst Agriculture Risk Modeling SCOR Zurich Teleconnections for peril drought between Pakistan and surrounding countries
Dr. Jagath Alwis Director (Technical) / Chief Technical Officer Ceylinco General Insurance Plc Global Warming and the changing insurance landscape
Mr. Yassir Albaharna CEO Arig Emerging Risks and Life Insurance
Mr. Xiaoliang Liu Agricultural Risks, Hannover Re (courtesy: JB Boda) An overview of agriculture & climate change
Mr. John Nolan Regional Director, Lockton MENA Powering the Future - Risky or not?
Mr. Jean Louis Piquet Head of Life & Health Reinsurance Trust Re Climate change and Emerging risks – Communicable diseases case study
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International Insurance Conference on Challenges & Opportunities for the Insurance Industry in Emerging Markets 19 ~ 21 April 2015, Karachi

Mr. Fida Hussain Samoo, Commissioner (Insurance) SECP was invited as guest of honour. Mr. Mohomed Bashir, Chairman, Pakistan Business Council addressed the audience as guest of honour. Mr. Nadeem Hussain, CEO, Tameer Bank was invited as keynote speaker for the conference. Mr. Hasanali Abdullah Chairman, Pakistan Insurance Institute delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Mahmood Lotia, Senior Deputy Managing Director, EFU General Insurance Ltd, Mr. Mujeeb Khan, Country Manager, AIG and Mr. Nasar-us-Samad Qureshi CEO & MD, Alfalah Insurance Company Limited were invited as moderators for the panel discussion following the 3 sessions.

Following were invited as speakers for the conference:

Speaker Topic
Brochure Dynamic Risk Acceptance
Leaflet Making the Jump: How Pakistan can take advantage of Global Innovation
Mr. Andrew Bauckham Political Violence Underwriter, Chaucer Syndicate Limited Lloyd’s London Ms. Ciara Appleford PV Practice Team Leader & Director Crescent Global, UK Renewable Energy
Mr. Andrew Rear Chief Executive Africa, Asia Pacific, UK & Ireland, Munich Re Employee Benefits in Emerging Markets – Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Kamal Tabaja Chief Operating Officer Trust Re Global Trends in Sales Growth and Customer Satisfaction
Mr. Elias Musa Mazzawi Region Lead Employee Health & Benefits Marsh Middle East The Growing Risk of Asian Natural Catastrophes
Mr. Mishal Al Mana Managing Director AlMana & Warren Consultancy Group Bahrain The Attraction of Emerging Markets to Insurers
Mr. Jagath Alwis Director (Technical) Ceylinco Insurance Plc Colombo, Sri Lanka Crescent Financial Risks, Canada Political Risks & Trade Credit Insurance
Mr. Tony Saada Chief Executive Officer Lockton (MENA) Ltd Development of an agency sales force – Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Clive Aston Crescent Financial Risks, Canada
Mr. Taher G Sachak Managing Director & Chief Executive EFU Life Insurance Ltd
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International Insurance Conference on Catastrophe Events – A Challenge held on April 10-12, 2012

Mr. M. Asif Arif, Commissioner (Insurance) SECP and Mr. Zafar Mahmood, Secretary (Commerce) were invited as guests of honour.
Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qadir Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority was invited as speaker for the keynote address.
Mr. Saifuddin N. Zoomkawala past Chairman, Pakistan Insurance Institute delivered the welcome address.

Following were invited as speakers for the conference:

Speaker Topic
Brochure Climate Change
Leaflet Social and Political Dimensions of Catastrophe
Mr. Andrew Brown Senior Energy Underwriter - MENA ACE Insurance DIFC Ltd, UAE Tsunami - Sri Lankan Experience
Mr. George Attard Managing Director, Analytics Aon Benfield Asia, Singapore A Practical Approach to Insurance Risk Engineering
Mr. Jagath Alwis Director (Technical) Ceylinco Insurance Plc, Sri Lanka Actuarial Aspects
Mr. David North Director Risk Management Division Crescent Global Group, Bahrain The Role of a Global Broker when Natural Disasters Occur
Mr. Samee ul Hasan Chief Executive Officer Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan Contingent Business Interruption - Recent Lessons Learnt
Mr. Bruce Garrett Managing Director Marsh’s Energy Practice, UK Natural Catastrophe Risk Analysis in Pakistan
Mr. Dewi James Consulting Actuary United Insurance Brokers United Kingdom Pakistan: In the Eye of the Storm
Dr. Rashmin Gunesekara Lead Analyst, Senior Catastrophe Risk Analyst Willis Re, UAE From Disaster Relief to Sustainable Development
Mr. Tahir Ahmed Managing Director & CEO Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited, Pakistan Catastrophic Risk – A Flood Perspective
Mr. Kunal Narayan Jadhav Catastrophe Modeling Analyst Mitsui Sumitomo Reinsurance Company Malaysia Catastrophe Challenges in Asia
Mr. Scott Ryrie Vice Chairman & Managing Director Guy Carpenter – Asia Pacific Region The Catastrophe Challenge in Asia
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F.A.I.R International Insurance Conference on Political Violence (IICPV) 12-13 April 2010

An International Conference on the topic of Political Violence was organized by Pakistan Insurance Institute under the patronage of F.A.I.R (Federation of Afro Asian Insurers and Reinsurers) on 12-13 April 2010. The conference was well attended by over 300 local and foreign delegates from the Insurance Industry as well as large organizations.
Mr. Salman A. Shaikh, Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan was invited as the key note speaker who stressed upon the need for establishment of a pool for the cover of terrorism.
The conference was divided into six working sessions. Mrs. Nasreen Rashid, Executive Director (Insurance), Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, chaired the 1st & 2nd session. Mr. Saifuddin N. Zoomkawala, Chairman – Pakistan Insurance Institute chaired the 3rd & 4th session while Mr. Tahir Ahmed, Chairman – Insurance Association of Pakistan chaired the 5th & 6th session of the conference.
The presentations were followed by question answer session. Besides the speakers, Mr. Samee ul Hasan, Actuary, Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Ltd and Mr. Tony Day, Director, Crescent Global, London, were invited as panelists for the 3rd & 4th Question & Answer session.


The Speakers for the conference were:

Speaker Topic
Mr. Andrew Bauckham Political Violence Underwriter Chaucer Syndicates, Lloyd's of London Political Violence Insurance Underwriting Considerations in a Dynamic Pakistan Industry
Mr. John Richard Thorpe Head of Business Development Aon Benfield Asia Pte. Limited – Singapore Terrorism Pools – Drawbacks & Benefits Pools
Mr Siegfried Busch Vice President Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd – Switzerlande The Pakistani Terror Pool – A reinsurer’s view
Mr. Jagath Alwis Director (Technical) Ceylinco Education & Healthcare Group, Sri-Lanka Sri Lanka – Case Study on Terrorism Insurance Pools
Mr. Piers Gregory Terrorism Underwriting Manager ACE Overseas General, UK International Perception on Terrorism in Pakistan and the Advantages of a Local Solution
Mr Cyril L. Empeigne Vice President Property & Casualty (Southern Markets) SCOR Terrorism: Private Market Solutions or Government Backed Scheme
Mr. Heinz Dollberg Executive Vice President Allianz Versicherungs – Germany Terrorism – Its Economic Impact and Insurability
Mr. Peter Draper Senior Broker - Non-Marine & Energy Division United Insurance Brokers Ltd, London What Reinsurers are looking for in Pakistan
Mr. Lloyd Stewart Representative - Middle East & N.Africa Region Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited (JLT Dubai) An Overview of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group and Political Violence Insurance
Mr. Julian Taylor Director (Crisis Management) Aon Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong Terrorism Insurance – a broker’s perspective
Daniel O’Connell Willis Markets International London Terrorism / Political Violence Solutions
Mr. Omer Morshed Vice President Pakistan Society of Actuaries Impact of Political Violence on Work Done by Actuaries
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