Karachi Insurance Institute

Renewal of Membership of

Karachi Insurance Institute for the Year 2012

Your attention is invited to Article 6 of the Constitution of Karachi Insurance Institute which reads as follows:

The subscription of every Member is payable on application to the Council for election to the Institute and thereafter annually on the 1st January of every calendar year. Any subscription not paid within one month of the due date will be deemed to be in arrears

Membership fee:     Rs. 200 per annum for each member.”

The membership of this Institute of your nominated employees will expire on 31-12-2011 and you are requested to please renew it at your earliest convenience.

Please note that under Article 7, no member shall be entitled to vote or to other privileges of the Institute whose subscription is in arrears.

You are therefore requested to please arrange for the nomination / renewal of Membership and let us have a complete list of employees alongwith the membership fees at the earliest.